Camillo Character: Discuss the character of Camillo, a great advisor and friend

The greatest of friends and the most influential lord in the whole of Sicilia is Camillo. He has been a time tested friend to the king of Sicilia who prizes the king with true and honest counsels. But the character of Camillo comes under deep scrutiny and put to test with the instructions of the king to poison his dearest friend, Polixenes, the king of Bohemia. Polixenes has been on a friendly visit to Sicilia where his friend and king of Sicilia has suspicions of adultery over him and his wife Hermione. Here, Camillo advises the king not to doubt the queen. He requests the king to be careful because it is not good. The king calls him dishonest and unfaithful and asks him to get lost. Upon seeing the rigidity of the king, Camillo offers to assist the king in the murder of the Bohemian king if Leontes will accept the queen and the prince as he previously did. Leontes agrees and says: "I will seem friendly, as thou hast advised me."

Camillo is to poison the Bohemian king:
"I must be the poisoner
Of good Polixenes; and my ground to do't
Is the obedience to a master".

However, under the influence of strong conscience and nobility of his mind, Camillo is unable to murder an innocent being and the one that is the most true friend of his lord.Whilst Polixenes meets Camillo and inquires the weird and rude behaviour of Leontes, Camillo at first tries to avoid him but upon the insistence and questioning of Polixenes Camillo opens up to him in a deep emotional manner: "I am appointed by him to murder you." Polixenes seeks the reason and Camillo advises him to seek refuge instead of questioning. He also offers his services to the Bohemian king. He tells him that he is the in-charge of the keys to all the gates of Sicilia. Polixenes is very greatful to him. They both escape to Bohemia.

Camillo is very true and honest. Though Camillo has helped the king of Bohemia, he still yearns to go back to his country and his master, Leontes. When the king Leontes seeks him back in his service, Camillo requests Polixenes to let him go but none can let such a true servant go. However, he becomes quite tricky when the matter of prince Florizel comes up; he employs the best method to reach his country, Sicilia, following the prince Florizel.