Write an essay on UNO and its relevance to the world peace.

UNO and world peace have been seen from various angles and outlooks which highlight how UNO has influenced our dear world

U.N.O and the World Peace: An Outline:

(1) Introduction; the back ground of U.N.O

(2) The Performance of U.N and the World Peace

(3) Increasing terrorism and the U.N

(4) U.N.O's failure to resolve greater issues

(5) How can it be more active and powerful?

(6) Conclusion:

United Nations Organization was established on 24 October, 1945. The chief purpose of this institution was to provide the world a platform where all of the disputes should be resolved. It was meant to avoid any future war. The Second World War had done the damages .Again the idealism of man shattered into pieces.

Ever since the U.N has come into existence it has done a lot of good to the world. It has helped us stopping many wars. No doubt, the success of this institution is not hundred percent or totally impartial at all disputes. On several occasions it has favored the Super Powers and the Veto holding powers. Yet it has become a ray of hope for weaker nations.

Nowadays, terrorism is on the rise in the world. The U.N.O needs to stop the tide before it gets to the world and destroys it. U.N.O has been doing its bit in the recent present to stop this aggravated violence. Despite all these efforts our world is heading towards a destruction and anarchy. The bigger powers are not playing fair and the U.N.O is silent. The Super Powers are taking full advantage of the word terrorism which is a complex phrase. The U.N has got to make it clearer than it is. It should also check the pre-emptive strikes by the bigger powers. The U.S.A has had many attacks of the sort and those aggressions have proved very hazardous for our planet. Now, other countries are likely to join it.

Certainly, it has failed to resolve the greater and the older issues of the world. Like Kashmir, Chechnya, Cyprus, Palestine etc. If such issues are not resolved the world peace may utterly disappear. These issues need to be tackled right now any delay may appear as “justice denied”. Further, hundreds of lives are being lost there regularly on daily basis.

Obviously, the tied hands of this great institution ought to be untied. The suggestions are as follows:

(1) The Veto power should be cancelled.

(2) A joint venture army should be provided to U.N.O permanently.

(3) U.N should launch efforts to preach tolerance and indiscrimination.

(4) The Imperial powers should be barred from interfering into the matters of smaller states.

(5) All disputes should be resolved.

(6) The world should be made armless, gradually.


The peace has become the need of the hour. We need it lest we should leave a perilous world for our next generation. We need to pay heed to history that teaches us lessons. And this all can be done via United Nations. We don’t want bloody wars those shook faith of man as a higher generation. Let us not become the damned human race or the man that is shown by Swift. In this regard U.N.O has greater responsibilities as it seems the last hope after God.