Critical Summary and Analysis of Rebel, by D.J Enright

Primarily, the poet tells us about a pseudo rebel; the wish to look different during adolescence. The poet also highlights the importance of difference of opinion and change associated with it. The poet tells us about a teen ager who seems opposing society. He has short hair when everybody has long hair. When everybody has short hair, he cuts his hair short. When everybody talks during the lesson, he remains quiet.

When others are silent, he creates disturbance. When all dress soberly, her wears fantastic clothes. In the company of dog lovers, he prefers cats. In the company of cat lovers, he likes dogs. So is the case with sun, rain, book reading and meeting. The poet says that such pseudo rebels are good for any society because they oppose majority for constructive purpose, however, it could be very tough to be a rebel.

The word "Rebel" is very strong and negative word but the poet has used it to mean difference of opinion which has gone so rare in modern society that it seems the word "rebel" would soon replace that difference of opinion. The poet tries to emphasize upon the importance of difference of opinion. If all people in society happen to have the same opinion then creativity and discussions would come to a halt, for the progress of any nation or state difference of opinion is a must. And the one opposing the majority may be a "rebel" or a loser for time being but in the long run he gives great benefits to his nation.