Write an essay on Smoking and its effects

Smoking has numerous bad effects including health hazards and the addiction of other graver sort of things like heroin, marijuana, hashish etc.

"The activity of breathing in tobacco by means of a cigarette, pipe etc" is called smoking according to Longman. Since we know that consuming tobacco is not good for humans; therefore we immediately understand the hazards it is likely to produce to our health. Smoking has always been considered all ill deed throughout the world. It is an interesting fact that throughout the world, every pack of cigarette is imprinted with the cautions relating to smoking. In Pakistan it reads: "smoking is injurious to health".

Research shows that smoking is either the result of a fashion or trend or an outcome of gloomy circumstances and bad company. Before the advent of cigarette people used the things like "huqa" for inhaling tobacco. Cigarette companies argue that they use special filters to reduce the amount of tobacco being inhaled; therefore, banning cigarette would lead to introduction and invention of rather dangerous products for the addicts of tobacco. This is the reason why governments could not altogether ban the use of smoking.

The situation in Pakistan is quite worse. Either the government cannot control the increasing rate of addicts or the lure of smoking is far greater than its health hazards. Since smoking is the first step towards other deadly addictions like heroin; therefore, it has severally been demanded to impose heavy taxation on the production of cigarette and tobacco. Further, the selling points should be limited as well as few and far between.

There must be a campaign to discourage the fashion of tobacco either it be through cigarette, cigar? or sheesha; all social safety associations, health care NGOs and government in a clear understanding with media should propagate smoking as a social crime. This may or may not reduce the current consumption of tobacco but it would obviously decrease the ever growing number of newer addicts to smoking. Several young people take it up as a fashion to look different, hence we must play it down and expose it as a shame.

Regretfully, it is quite strange that the governments worldwide have failed to ban smoking. Because if we wish to get rid of addiction then the ban on smoking must be the first step. But unfortunately this step seems quite heavy for the so called democratic states. UNO has done nothing in this regard. Human life seems to have been left as a hostage in the hands of the dangerous abuses of tobacco.