Write an essay on Democracy, do you think democracy is the best system of governance?

Democracy is considered the best governing system in the world

Democracy is a system of government which has variously been defind as 'administration of the state affairs'. It is a system of governance made "of the people, for the people and by the people". The dictionary of Webster's defines it as:"government in which the people hold the power either directly or through elected representatives". Therefore, it is meant for civilized societies where opinion of majority is given due weightage and rule of gun has no worth against moral responsibility of electing the best amonst them for a better management of state affairs on behalf of the people. The system has often been branded as Western and sophisticated.

It is interesting to note that the same democratic system, which paved way to progress and opened up altogether new horizons for the Western nations, utterly failed in the Eastern and third world countries posing as if it does not have the worth to be applied elsewhere but West. Several governments are toppled on the accusations that democracy leads to corruption and it is suitable for the developed states only. Therefore, democracy should be a boon till similar develpment is achieved by those third world countries.

The accusations do carry weight as to the role that democracy has been assigned in such countries but democratic system is not to be blamed for the failure of political parties to deliver in the third world. For no system of government can stabilized the economy of any state where the people don't have the will to improve matters. It requires conscience when it comes to electing the men at the helm of affairs in the future months and years. Therefore, the poor choices of nations lead them to get even poorer and sometimes the worst individuals are imposed upon them.

Democracy is just like a gun given without any check just to guard the house against theft or robbery , we cannot hold the gun responsible if it is used against the owners of the house by the guards themselves. In either case, the owner of the house i.e. a nation in our case has to be blamed for being selfish and ruthless while selecting the worst people as their leaders. The world returns to us what we throw at it. The dishonesty of the people echoes in the form of the looting and plundering of the people that elected political leaders for mere sake of their personal gains, hopes, advantages, individualities, compromises on merit and fairness of thought.

It is, therefore, deemed necessary to remember that the West has been progressing and they did not develop democracy in a single day. It took them centuries to refine their modes of governement according to the needs of the people and it suited them. Quite interestingly, democracy also requires courage on the part of the individuals to support the right cause and stand up for truth and justice. We have severally observed the Western people standing up for the poor and needy of the world while the accursed remained criminally silent. It must be concluded that democracy is the name of an attitude to own a system like in a country like we do for our houses.