Essay on Blessings of Science

Blessings of Science, a foster child of human imagination as bestowed by God Almighty, are manifold and abundant.

Science has added a lot to the life of man both individually as well as collectively. We are better off than our ancestors were centuries and even decades ago. We are better cared for and comforted by the use of this system of new innovations and developments which help us regulate our matters with greater ease and convenience. Distances have been reduced. Modern day communication seems to have excelled even beyond what man thought impossible a few decades ago. The journeys which took years and months are now undertaken without hassle within hours, with the addition of luxury and comfort.

In the field of communication, we are instantly and costlessly in touch with one another. If we remember, a couple of decades ago people used to communicate with their loved ones and near ones through telegrams or postal letters while the innovations in the field of communication paved way for broader inroads that have made the access and communication almost costless. The examples of such communications include the use of Google Talk, Facebook, Skype, hotmail, Yahoo and a lot more. Mobile hotspots have even enabled one to be with one's family despite being thousands of miles away.

Medical science has been doing near miracles by discovering cures for the victims of various deadly diseases that used to be considered the effects of evil spirits. It has been doing considerable work on the human anatomy as well as unveiling the intricacies of human brain and other organs. The scientists have been striving hard to achieve the wonder medicines in the shape of vaccines so that instead of treatment patients may be immuned before any such disease overcomes them. So far various dangerous diseases have been controlled by the application of science.

The great infrastructures of today's roads, sophisticated vehicles for transportation, state of the art equipment used in day to day life, hygienic and beneficial discoveries have been made by the application of engineering and biochemical branches of science. The difference between the West and the third world countries where science has not yet been applied in the same manner can well be realized.

The role of science, though not as great as it should have been, is satisfactory on the lives of humankind in general. However, it is strongly felt that if the states could assign greater amount of their revenues on the study and research of science, the world could be converted into a worth seeing and worth living place. The blessings of science are countless. While praising science we have to rememeber that it is with the grace of God Almighty that man has been able to discover several benefits of nature through science.