Paradise Lost by John Milton Study Notes and Review

"Paradise Lost", a multi volume poetic creation by John Milton, is the most celebrated book of English Literature. Though it has a plathora of accusations regarding strong character of Satan, yet the way Milton has tried to bank on the parables and Biblical references without the loss of poetic creation, is worth admiring. Comparable to William Shakespeare Famous Quotes and Sir Francis Bacon's Popular Quotations, "Paradise Lost" contains popular maxims and quotes ranging from everyday life to the interests of specific nature. In this epic poem, he has covered a variety of themes including creation, creator, purpose of life, man and God relationship, human suffering, evil and good etc.

Like most poets attempt to do, John Milton has tried to impress upon the man of his times and the man of today through his poem. He has given a religious, a secular, a political, a social and above all, a humane message to us all i.e. God is love, hatred would earn us nothing. Besides this, several other meanings and themes we might draw but it remains the most sublime amid the other messages that he wanted us to read between the lines. I personally feel that Milton was strongly influenced by Bible's story of the loss of Eden. He wanted to convince us that man has been sent in the world for for trial and not trouble.

Notwithstanding what the above paragraph states as my personal views, while creating these notes of 'Paradise Lost', I have tried to remain impartial while explaining, commenting upon or summarizing the lines of this poem. Therefore, the messages of the poem remain intact without any generalization of the prevalent themes. I must add that John Milton's style might be compared with that of William Shakespeare for both used blank verse in their poetic creations while Shakespeare also employed blank verse in the composition of his plays. We have provided a few useful links below for the convenience of the visitors of These links are mere group links for dozens of useful resources on "Paradise Lost" within our website.