Only the Greatest and the Best Quotes from O Neil

Quote : "I suppose that's the usual way of it. A daughter feels closer to her father and a son to his mother. But I should think you ought to be a born exception to that rule."

Quote : "I've lived most of my life at sea and in camps and I'm used to straight speaking"

Quote : "Women are jealous of ships. They always suspect the sea. They know they're three of a kind when it comes to a man!"

Quote : " Ashes to ashes' dirt to dirt! Is that your notion of love?"

Quote : "angina is no respecter of time and place. It strikes when it has a mind to."

Quote : "But God won't leave us alone. He twists and wrings and tortures our lives with others' lives until--we poison each other to death! "

Quote : "I hate moonlight. It makes everything so haunted."

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