What are the ills of illiteracy? Identify major issues created by non educated and suggest to improve educational matters

Education and National progress are bound together like twins born attached to each other.

The Curse of Illiteracy: An Outline:

(1) Introduction: the importance of education

(2) The developed countries and illiteracy

(3) Situation prevalent in the third world

(4) The bad effects it produces on society

(5) The ways to change the present state of affairs

(6) Conclusion:

It means lack of education or culture, esp. an inability to read or write.

Today, education is the part and parcel of every society. Nations rise and fall because of it. They feel glory at their education and knowledge. The realm that seeks wisdom in the form of knowledge becomes dominant. Education is necessary for the building of a nation as well. An uneducated person can not judge to what extent the government decisions are right or wrong. He has to depend upon third persons to know even about his own personal affairs.

The example of the progressed states is before us, they have eliminated illiteracy: they have educated the masses. The percentage of literacy in the developed countries is over ninety percent. That is the foremost reason of their progress and national harmony. Their inhabitants are self sufficient and can decide on their own. Their people's education led them to industrial revolution and prosperity. Their literacy allows them to study their own religious and political beliefs and not to be biased.

The situation in the third world is quite different as compared to the richer nations. The only disparity is education. Their literacy is about 40 %( claimed to be). They could not earn much affluence out of illiteracy. They remain backward and can not step forward. The industry does not grow and they use old methods in agriculture.

The difference between the developed countries and the third world is quite vivid owing to literacy and illiteracy. An uneducated person remains unaware of the opportunities around him. He can not even read his own basic religious beliefs and ideas. He has to depend upon the biased ideas circulating in his surroundings. The only job an illiterate person can do is labour without much reward.

The present state of affairs can well be changed under following suggestions:

(1) Education should be made compulsory.

(2) No job, even labour, should be provided without elementary education.

(3) Child work ought to be banned.

(4) Attractive offers should be made so as to lure larger number of children to studies.


The world around us is changing with every second. We have got to make people aware that acknowledge is a power¯ and they have got to acquire it with zeal. It is a religious obligation as well. Our prophet said: Seek knowledge even you have to travel to China.