World Population Day July 01,2015: an anaylis and overview

The "World Population Day" is observed every year on July 11 by United Nations Organization, UNO. The constant increase in the world population posts many threats and offers opportunities unfolded yet. The world around us has been growing fast and its pace seems to be unstoppable. Today the world population is about seven billion and these 7 billion are segmented and divided into various ethnic, religious, geographical, lingual and tribal groups and subgroups. The people of our world either willfully remain ignorant to the predicament we are going through or the issues we are faced with are simply above them.

I tend to quote Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness "I've seen the devil of violence, and the devil of greed, and the devil of hot desire; but, by all the stars! These were strong, lusty, red-eyed devils, that swayed and drove men? Men, I tell you." What Joseph referred to is the theme of Imperialism where I intend to relate it to the uncontrolled and mismanaged over population of the world. The world we live in is densely populated today. This thickly populated world must be of some good if the people that throng it were harnessed to the good and pride of mankind.

Alas! This is not the case. The world is swaying with growing population and UNO, despite its utmost efforts, remains unable to slow it down considerably. In today's world, we are faced with several issues due to the accidental increase in the numbers of humans. We are faced with ignorance, the biggest evil of all ages. We are even faced with the deliberate ignorance of the terrorists that preach which religion they don't know by themselves; their religion is hatred, barbarism and above all anarchy. None among the seven billion knows what is happening to the world right now. It is not that they don't know, it is because they never find any clue to the problems of the world.

Well, population on one hand and terrorism on the other, are not wholly responsible for the drowning ship of this world. They might be called one of the causes for the growing disorder in this world but the basic principle we had forgotten; education of the community, overseeing of the society, controlling the state and managing the world in a humane and better way. Word population is blamed for the lack of food resources, for reduced incomes, for low life standards, for beggars in the streets, for diseases and their cureless individuals. Well, that population did not bring them along when they came here.

The setup we have made in this world is one that competes and tires the population instead of being accommodative and supportive so that the increasing population could be put to some creative and productive use. We have our injustices to drive the poor away from a single piece of drying bread while allowing the rich to amass the gold mines into their houses unnoticed. The uneven distribution of wealth has caused the world to look too populated it should not have been. Humans are the resources that can help us develop the communities we live in, provided; they have the opportunities and skills.

The propaganda of the population increase and poverty should be over now. We cannot disagree with slogans like "two children and a happy family", but we must not allow this slogan to be used for amassing the riches into the bank accounts of the politicians of the third world. We need to take the fullest usage of our population so that it becomes a youth of hope and positivity rather than a doom for the population of the world.