Top 10 Quotations From The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

"His mind is all consumed with his deals, his business; I'm the furthest thing from it...Everyone is saying we're congratulating me, but the truth of it is there's nothing there, nothing at all whatsoever, it's all just a dream." , Anton Chekhov.

"Don't cry, my good little peasant, it'll be as good as new by the time your wedding comes around." , Anton Chekhov.

"But you, you specifically, did so much for me once that I forgot about everything else and love you, as if you were my own flesh and blood... more than my own flesh and blood"., Anton Chekhov.

"I see my sister hasn't lost her habit of throwing money around." , Anton Chekhov.

"I swear it on my honour, I'll swear any oath you like, the estate will not be sold!" , Anton Chekhov.

"I've never met such frivolous people as you before, or anybody so non-business and peculiar. Here I am telling you in plain language that your estate will be sold, and you don't seem to understand. ", Anton Chekhov.

"Can't she understand that we're above all that? We must be free of the small, the pointless." , Anton Chekhov.

"Please don't go away. It's nicer when you're here". , Anton Chekhov.

"Oh, my sins. ... I've always scattered money about without holding myself in, like a madwoman"., Anton Chekhov.

"Let me remind you, ladies and gentlemen, on August 22 the cherry orchard will be sold. Think of that! ... Think of that! ..." , Anton Chekhov.