Complete Study notes and analysis of Dcotor Faustus a play by Christopher Marlow

The play is based on the legend of Faustus who corrupted himself and sold his soul to the devil for the sake of worldly powers and wealth. The deal is brokered through the use of black magic which the character of Faustus has undertaken to master. He does all he can to outdo the powers of good which try to stop him from doing evil but Faustus fails them at every step. Following is the detailed analysis of all such aspects of the play including a detailed summary, characters' analysis, short summary and important themes in the play.

The play tries to manifest the reality of man's lust which undid him and his genius. Everybody knew and respected the nobility of Faustus' genius in all the fields he studied but the desire to reach the climax of power corrupts the man. Faustus is often seen as a symbol of human lust and resultant evil deeds.