Write an essay on the impact of terrorism on Pakistan

Terrorism and Pakistan are interrelated because this demon has almost ruined an entire youth of this poor country.

Pakistan And Terrorism: An Outline:

Introduction: the meaning of terrorism

Pakistan and Terrorism

Politics, religion and Terrorism

The bad effects it produces on society

The ways to curb terrorism

The word terrorism seems to be in vogue in the world because every country lets no opportunity escape without encashing it while on the other hand, this monster has been deepening its roots into out society and we are endangered by this evil. It is costing us nothing but human lives! We are not trying to control this monster seriously. These terrorists are still finding the heavens to hide and they are receiving financial aids from all over the world. Since, the war is on the borders of Pakistan; therefore, its border areas are badly affected due to the terrorist activities within the country. And terrorists attack innocents lives in Pakistan claiming they are punishing Pakistan for aiding USA.

Pakistan is the most affected country with regards terrorism; a monster that holds this awe stricken country into its abominable clutches never to let off. The germs of terrorism are so deep rooted in this country that it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the good and evil! In other words, the jeopardy of logic and oratory combined with the unkindly biased policies by the US and Europe misled the innocent brains into believing that they are fighting for their rights whereas they are not. Even if the US and Europeans are the true enemies of Pakistan (which they obviously are not), still the Jihadis are merely punishing themselves and their countrymen by exploding in every place one may think of.

The role of religion and politics in terrorism and war on terrorism does not seem very appealing. Adding fuel to the fire some elements from within the religions have come to aid terrorism. Tolerance among religions is almost zero. They are vying with each other. The bombs are being blasted in the mosques, churches, temples and at the other places of the kind. Though, no religion allows taking of innocent lives but one calls Jihad and the other crusades.

As mentioned before, the terrorism has conquered all the importent instructions that man has Today we have a biased world. There is a feeling of suspicion around. Human society has been hit very badly. Economies are hurt. The stock exchanges fall. Even a letter is opened with fear that it may bring some virus causing death. There is confusion and uncertainty about what is going on. The peace is gone. The ways to curb terrorism: There are many things those must be brought into the play to chain this monster.

(1) An efficient International Agency of Crimes Control should be introduced by the UNO.
(2) The essence of the freedom movements should be understood: It can help a great deal.
(3) The religious authorities should teach the religious principles and not the 'biased philosophies.
(4) The United Nations should come forward to restrict the powerful countries from using force against the weaker nations.
(5) The masses should be educated.

Conclusion: Our earth is the only planet that has life on it. This is our home, we need peace a prosperity. This makes t even more vital to eliminate the monster of terrorism from our homeland. This can happen only with our joint efforts. We need to trust each other. Otherwise the deadly weapons are here to decide our fateā€¦.