Write an essay on the Friendship.

Friendship, a blessing for man.

Friendship, the pride of humankind, is probably endowed in the very nature of man. It roots from kinship and goes beyond it. Every man makes friends in the span of his life. But this is quite a paradox whether friendship leads to benefits or benefits earn you friendship. A lot of arguments may be propounded in either case. However, above all, friendship has been the noblest of relations for man because it is accompanied by the gifts of loyalty, faithfulness, kindness, honesty, care and above all, love. It is provides one with the next counsels and shields without costing a penny. History of man is full of wonderful stories of friendship and it's fruits which yielded to both the parties as well as of great sacrifices offered for the sake of one's friend.

Friends are considered the partners of good times and supporters of bad times. Ills and offences are mutual in friendship. Research reveals that two groups of people living in the same circumstances with similar conditions respond differently to the state of happiness because one group has friends to console them in uneven times relieving their stress while another group suffers from acute unhappiness and troubles because they have no friends to resort to in the times of crisis. This is the importance of friendship when it comes to mere falling back upon someone merely for moral courage and uplift of one's spirits. Friends may even go on to support each other physically as well as financially. But this is subject to a friend's own economic condition. Therefore, this aspect of friendship is optional and should always remain voluntary on the part of the friend to come forward in this direction.

The question which comes to mind is the scope of friendship and it's moral as well as social implications. It is severally argued that friendship does not mean to support the misdeeds of an individual. The reformists as well as theologians condemn such acts of friendship which are immune to the overall impact of their acts to society; they seek that friendship must be contained within the bounds of ethical and social norms. This is rather critical and a bit too much of demanding on their part because we may seldom put restraints on passions which spring from the core of heart as mind is never able to capture the emotional ends of the heart.

We may conclude with the words that the plant of friendship grows best in the desert of adversity while it blooms and showers its blessings once matured and watered with the purity of feelings; therefore, it is mandatory for those rigid critics to leave this institution of friendship to remain away from the intrigues of the evil. Today, where everything else has gone to the dog, only friendship and parental love remains unstained. Therefore, it is advisable not to disturb its integrity so that the social fabric may not receive any further dent from it.