Write an essay on Tsunami and its destruction.

The essay Tsunami describes how cruel and vengeful the sea waves become

Tsunami: Cruelty of the Sea and a tale of destruction: An Outline:

(1) Introduction: a cruelty of the sea

(2) The history of world tsunamis

(3) Counting the damages of the present tsunami

(4) The devastating waves and the Indian Ocean

(5) The world response to the catastrophe

(6) Conclusion:

We may define a tsunami as: a huge sea wave caused by a great disturbance under an ocean, as a strong earthquake or volcanic eruption”. As a result huge waves of up to 25 meters rise in the sea. They have lightening speed. Tsunami batters the people living in the vicinity of the sea by its tidal waves. It also produces geographical devastation. The present tsunami is an example of it.

Tsunami has occurred in the Pacific Ocean a few times before. In 1946, these waves slaughtered 165 people, mainly in Hawaii. Though, it had not caused any serious problem before, yet the 26 countries around the Pacific Ocean shared a seismic sensors warning system. On December 26th, the region had been shaken by the biggest earthquake the world had seen since 1964, registering a magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale. Its epicenter was under the sea, off the Indonesian archipelago. Besides devastating parts of Indonesian Sumatra, the quake set off sea archipelago that reached as far as coast of Africa, where dozens of Somali fishermen perished, and 65,000 km from the epicenter. The tsunami wreaked havoc around the Bay of Bengal, from India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives in the west, to Thailand and the Malaysia in the east. It has claimed more than 150,000 lives, leaving millions homeless. All the buildings have turned into pebbles: all is gone advancing trash. Moreover, the geographical effects of this calamity are not less. The time alone will tell how man has to bear pains to meet all the challenges.

A bit late to react, but the world has given a very good response to helping the affected people. People from every walk of life are raising funds for the victims. In fact, in the process to lend a hand, the world appears to be a global home without bias or misunderstanding. The only purpose is to help either he be the enemy or a friend.

These devastating waves have not wrought any serious injuries in and around the Indian Ocean before this cataclysm. But the countries around the Indian Ocean should have shared a warning system for tsunami. Arun Bapat, an Indian seismologist, cites the example of four previous tsunamis that have reached India. If it was so, the necessity for a precautionary system was even mandatory.


Man has been facing challenges from the Nature: calamities come and assess man’s endurance. Man has made progress in many fields. Every sort of tidal waves can be discovered before they claim many lives. The important thing is that, the countries around the Indian Ocean itself should, on this occasion feel motivated enough to assist each other.