Write an essay on Kashmir Issue

The essay on Kashmir Issue and dispute discusses the recognition of this world problem by UNO and the three parties to it

Kashmir Issue: An Outline:

(1) Introduction: the beginning of an issue

(2) U.N's efforts to resolve it

(3) lndo-pak stance on this problem

(4) Present situation in Kashmir

(5) A nuclear zone and the Kashmir dispute

(6) Conclusion: Various solutions to the problem of Kashmir.

According to the original plan of June 3, 1947, the States forming the then Indian State were advised b the British crown: "to accede to India or to Pakistan, bearing in mind the geographical situation of their respective states, the composition of their population and the wishes of their people." But the Maharaja of Kashmir acceded to India against the wishes of his people, composition of the population of Kashmir i.e. 77% Muslims at that time and the geographical conditions. A war was imposed by India in the valley and the Pakistan forces supported the Kashmiri fighters struggling for their cause. Pakistani forces and the tribes- men gained almost one-third of the area until a cease fire was imposed by U.N.O

In 1948, when Pakistan involved into the war, India went to U.N.O for help and United Nations passed a resolution that a plebiscite will be held in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It means that the people of that region were to decide either to choose Pakistan or India for allegiance. But unwillingness of India for the plebiscite delayed the solution of this dispute.

India and Pakistan have different angles to look at the problem. Pakistan believes that seventy seven percent of the Kashmiris were Muslim at the time of partition. And the geographical conditions favour that Kashmir should be a part of Pakistan. Pakistan terms the accession of Kashmir to India as invalid because the Maharaja had a "Standstill Agreement" with Pakistan. The agreement does not allow for any accession. But the Indians believe it as their 'integral part' because the Maharaja had a legal accession to India.

The present situation of Kashmir is getting worse with dozens of casualties every day. The Kashmiris want their right of self-determination while Pakistan has been supporting the Kashmir cause since 1948 on all forums of the world. The long resisted frustration has turned the Kashmiris to violence at times; however, primarily they remained a peace loving nation. However, at times incidents of kidnapping or killing of Indian occupying forces is reported which shows their frustration.

The terms between India and Pakistan have been hostile and they have fought 3 full wars wasting billions of Dollars of their poor tax payers. Any ignition to the problem of Kashmir may lead the two states at warring condition which would, in turn, be catastrophic. A strong resolve must be shown by both the neighbouring countries in resolving the problem of Kashmir with graveness and temperance. Otherwise, a nuclear war may break out in South East Asia.

There are various models of the solution to Kashmir issue. We may think of the model applied to Cyprus by Turkey and Greece. There is yet another option to make Kashmir an arms free trading zone. It can even be freed and made an independent republic but the wishes of the people of Kashmir must bear due weightage. Our world is our home and ours is the only planet in the universe where life exists. We must learn to live happily with our neighbours; however, it is possible only if we settle all our disputes.