Essay on Importance of Truth as often realized a man's greatness lies in the truthfulness of his being.

Truth is often considered the ultimate reality of human destiny which may unfold ulitmately.

Though, truth, the ultimate existence or outcome of facts has always been cherished and rejoiced by man theoretically as well as on moral and theological grounds, yet a scrutiny of man's known history reveals that it is never found in abundance in the world. Quite ironically, it is a truth that truth itself is harder to discover in its purest kind. Doubtlessly, owing to its ingenious faculties, man has ever been successful in such a commingling of truth with falsehood for his mischievous cravings that even simple truths are to be tested before any consideration of their genuineness, fearing the complicated mixtures of evil craft. The question arises as to whether there is any pure truth left in the excessive practicality of man's life. Let us discuss the aspects of a truth and commingling of it.

We may discuss truth, its importance and its kinds, if there really are, and the implications these 5 alphabets are likely to impose upon mankind. As to it's importance, none can deny truth being an ultimate end and requirement of mankind. But another truth lies in the question if man is capable of bearing the truth! There are big question marks as to man's ability of bearing the truth in its purest form. Many would deny this fact and rightly so because man's faculty is wont of illusions and dreams while truth can offer nothing but reality; therefore, a sharp contrast between the pungency of truth and desires of man's wishful assumptions forces him to deny the truth and this leads to hiding or altering of truth. Such a practice is seen both on personal as well as on racial level. Hence the implication of truth modifies its acceptability.

There are situation based truths too. These are necessitated and endorsed whenever one finds them in one's favor and rejects them altogether when against one's advantage. This even leads to different versions of "truths" when seen from the angles and outlooks of opposing parties. Upon this point, it becomes vital to discuss the role of wit and it's delicate linking with truth. Since Philosophical truths are often beyond the understanding of the common folk, hence, wit and logic may well be referred to while discussing common and everyday truths.

If we have a group of people that believes in the objectivity of truth then there is another one which supports the subjective nature of truth and it's existence. They argue that all truths cannot be objective because certain situations would interpret a truth in particular terms while the same truth may lose its meaning in an altogether different scenario. Therefore, they put the condition of place and time with truth and it's relevance. This, however, does not bar us from believing that truth does exist though it is either greatly idealised or too much abased with worldly wisdom and practicality. Nobody would like to come up with simple truths rather complicated and mingled narrations are aided to profess that truth has never been plain and straightforward.

Truth is hard to find as it may exist freely without prejudice and worldly wildness. We may, nonetheless, resort to the simple and pure treasure of human heart and conscience which itself because these certainly diversify whether it is truth in fact or a mixture of something else. But there is a constraint that we discover pure truths relating merely to our own being and that too only to a certain extent. But knowing public truths and matters of great importance, one has merely to rely upon the facts and reports full of prejudices and falsifying notions.