Paradise Lost Detailed Summary Book III Part I, Summary Paradise Lost by John Milton

Then enter angels praising God Almighty for his greatness and grace.

On the other hand, Satan has been walking in "a boundless Continent" of "Dark, waste, and wild, under the frown of Night" in his attempt to reach the first parents of man so that he may do his wiles and corrupt them. Satan reaches the gate of heaven, a splendid work of art with sea flowing beneath. Satan views the happy abode of mankind with envy and throws his eyes all round of the universe to compare and weigh the place and its worth. Soon Satan saw a bright and clear angel in the sun with his back to Satan. Satan is happy that he may enter Paradise without any problem at all:

"Glad was the Spirit impure as now in hope
To find who might direct his wandring flight
To Paradise the happie seat of Man,
His journies end and our beginning woe."

But before any action, Satan decides to assume a shape in which nobody can see or doubt his presence there:

"But first he casts to change his proper shape,
Which else might work him danger or delay"

Satan turned himself into a bright angel and reached the guardian angel, Uriel. Satan posed as an angel that has come out of natural urge to see the beloved creation of God, man, for whom He has created world unto world and uncounted blessings are being set upon him. Milton comments:

"For neither Man nor Angel can discern
Hypocrisie, the only evil that walks
Invisible, except to God alone"

Uriel tells Satan that indeed all creations of God are worth seeing and praiseworthy. He also relates how God has created certain elements for the creation of mankind: "The cumbrous Elements, Earth, Flood, Aire, Fire" and stars and all other things for man. After this, Uriel showed Satan the way to man's abode:

"Look downward on that Globe whose hither side
With light from hence, though but reflected, shines;
That place is Earth the seat of Man"

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