Paradise Lost Themes and Important Topics, an epic poem by John Milton, e.g. Jealousy, Revenge, Forgiveness, Love, Hate, Fall, Pride, Resolution etc.

Theme of Jealousy in Paradise Lost:

Satan though fallen on account of his own deeds and pride, is jealous of man who is enjoying the fruits and bliss of heaven. Jealousy may also be attributed to Eve who falls at the hands of Satan only because of her own free nature and free will. But she blames and Adam for her fall and fears that Adam may enjoy the happiness of Heaven; therefore, she must make him eat this fruit so that she is not left alone. She is jealous of Adam's happiness in Heaven if he is left alone.

Theme of Revenge and Forgiveness:

Satan and his partakers are all bent upon revenge while forgivness is sought by man alone for a sin which was committed by them under illusions and false coloring. Satan, a fallen angle would not seek repentance while man is willing to bow before God for His grace.

Theme and Topic of Love:

Love is the basic human feeling and the most discussed since creation. Milton has preseted love on two levels i.e. human and Godly; this is the love of Adam for Eve which forces him to share the accursed lot with her. He is not happy with Eve for having fallen to Satan but he still commits the crime by sharing her lot and eats the fruit of forbidden tree. On the other hand, God is angry with mankind yet he would not abandon them. He would bestow his grace upon them:

"Man shall not quite be lost, but sav'd who will,
Yet not of will in him, but grace in me"

Theme of Pride and its role in Paradise Lost

Satan is full of pride and considers himself wise and powerful. He rebels under the same illusion of his might and get destroyed by God in a single moment. Satan, though lost and hurled into the abyss of hell, still considers himself superior and attributes the superiority of God to His sceptor without which He would not defeat Satan. God humiliates man but he does not surrender before God and decides to fight forever.

The Part played by Will and Resolution in Paradise Lost

The only positive attribute in the character of Satan is his resolve and will of never yielding. On a symbolic level, this trait may be praised for firm faith in one's resolve for victory and success:

"What though the field be lost?
All is not lost; the unconquerable Will"

The scope of Free Will in Paradise Lost

Though God foretells Christ of man's fall yet he also relates that man is free in chosing what he wishes to. Fall was not a must, it was freely chosen by man. He was endowed with the power to withstand it but he did not.

"I formd them free, and free they must remain,
Till they enthrall themselves: I else must change
Thir nature, and revoke the high Decree
Unchangeable, Eternal, which ordain'd
Thir freedom, they themselves ordain'd thir fall"

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