Florizel Character: Discuss the character of Florizel,the prince of Bohemia

Florizel is the prince of Bohemia and son of Polixenes. Like his father, he is a man of firm decision and clear judgment. He is gay, lively and romantic. He is simple and humane. In other words, he is a love bird cooing for the prize money of marriage with no regard to the social status of his beloved:

"I pray:
Your hand, my Perdita: so turtles pair,
That never mean to part."

He is in deep love with a poor shepherdess, Perdita. He goes to meet her daily. There they express the abundance of eagerness of their hearts though their love remains pure and intended for clean relationship of marriage. But the king of Bohemia and father of Florizel follows his son to know about his activities. There he tries to restrain his son's love for the shepherdess whose innocent beauty and character he himself appraise.

Despite his love for his father, he resolves to marry against his father's will because in his opinion the shepherdess is cares not for the worldly trifles rather she needs love and purity:

"She prizes not such trifles as these are:
The gifts she looks from me are pack'd and lock'd
Up in my heart".

Upon finding his father resolute for separating them, the love-pair decides to flee to some other land but the tricky decision of Camillo, the faithful lord, brings them to the country of Sicilia where Perdita is long awaited and yearned for. Ironically, the character and love affair of Florizel, deemed to be disgracing the name of Bohemian empire, brings nothing but joy and happiness for the kingdom of Bohemia and Sicilia because it is this romance which leads to unveiling of the true identity of Perdita.