Act IV, Scene I, Scene II & Scene III-Detailed Summary of Winter's Tales: "Winter's Tales" by William Shakespeare

Scene I

It is a conversation between Time and Chorus. We are informed of the passage of 16 years, Leontes shutting himself up and the youth of Perdita and that of the son of Polixenes, the king of Bohemia.

Scene II

It is the palace of Bohemian king, Polixenes. Here Camillo is seeking leave for his country, Sicilia, where the king, now ashamed and convinced, is awaiting his return. Polixenes does not want Camillo to leave. Then they begin to talk about the prince of Bohemia, Florizel whose disappearance from the court seem strange to them. Camillo reports that the prince is reportedly seen in the house of a shepherd whose daughter is extraordinarily fair. The king tells him that they shall visit the shepherd's house in disguise.

Scene III

Autolycus, in rags and bad shape, is singing a song when clown approaches him. Clown asks him who he is and Autolycus lies that somebody has robbed him of everything even his clothes. Clown gives him his hand to get him onto his feet and during this Autolycus cuts his pocket.