Important Lines and Text From Winter's Tales by William Shakespeare

Quote : "They were trained together in their childhoods; and there rooted betwixt them then such an affection,
Which cannot choose but branch now"

Quote : " My affairs
Do even drag me homeward: which to hinder
Were in your love a whip to me; my stay
To you a charge and trouble: to save both,
Farewell, our brother."

Quote : "what we changed
Was innocence for innocence; we knew not
The doctrine of ill-doing, nor dream'd
That any did."

Quote : "one good deed dying tongueless
Slaughters a thousand waiting upon that"

Quote : "Our praises are our wages"

Quote : "To mingle friendship far is mingling bloods"

Quote : "How she holds up the neb, the bill to him!
And arms her with the boldness of a wife
To her allowing husband!"

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