Introduction: Winter's Tales by William Shakespeare

"Winter's Tales", is tragi-comedy play written by William Shakespeare, the greatest English Playwright ever. Shakespeare draws our attention to the minutes of life which are often neglected though they always prove pivotal in carving our fates and ruining of our lives. The story of Winter's Tales is full of such horrors which root back to the basics of human psychology. However, pride, fear, jealousy, revenge and love are the prime themes of this play.

The play is all about the seeds of jealousy taking roots in the heart of Leontes, the king of Sicilia for his best friend Polixenes, the king of Bohemia. Leontes has a feeling that his wife, Hermione, has been paying a bit too much of attention to his friend. The embers of jealousy lead to near enmity between the best friends of old times. Leontes tries to poison his friend...


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