Anya character analysis and review in The Cherry Orchard, by Anton Chekhov

Anya is the younger daughter of Lyubov. She, though way different than her mother, is also lost in the dreams of sentimental thoughts. On the one hand, she believes in the love of Trofimov and other the other hand, she would day dream that their farthest aunt would lend them thousands of rubles and help them saving their orchard. Though Varya keeps on warning her but she won't listen to her sister nor would she get practical. She is severally described as the exact copy of her mother. She looks exactly like her. However, she cannot do anything to save their beloved orchard. Anya is very dear to her elder sister Varya:

"My heart and soul is back! Our lady fair is back! Our beauty".

Anya is very critical of her mother's acts:

"Mama understands nothing! We sit down to eat at the train station, and she goes and orders all the most expensive dishes, and then gives each of the waiters a whole ruble as a tip".

Unfortunately, this fair child as well as her entire life is consumed in the family tragedy of Lyubov and she remains alone like her sister Varya.