Important Text From The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

Quote : "Don't cry, little man...don't cry, my good little peasant, it'll be as good as new by the time your wedding comes around."

Quote : "The office clerk, Yepikhodov, proposed to me just after Holy Week."

Quote : "My heart and soul is back! Our lady fair is back! Our beauty"

Quote : "Mama understands nothing! We sit down to eat at the train station, and she goes and orders all the most expensive dishes, and then gives each of the waiters a whole ruble as a tip"

Quote : "His mind is all consumed with his deals, his business; I'm the furthest thing from it. Everyone is saying we're congratulating me, but the truth of it is there's nothing there, nothing at all whatsoever, it's all just a dream".

Quote : "Mama never recovered, never, she simply left us, left us and never looked back"

Quote : "My father was a serf, a slave, of your grandfather and your father, but you, you specifically, did so much for me once that I forgot about everything else and love you, as if you were my own flesh and blood... more than my own flesh and blood."

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