Act III & IV Detailed Summary of The Cherry Orchard: "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov

Lyubov remains inactive and does nothing to save her estate. Her brother goes off for seeking the money from their great aunt as well as the hopes that Lopakhin would provide monetary help to save their estate fail. Lopakhin proves a practical business man who would not spend his money on anything where there seems no profit. He is indeed respecting the lady of the house, Lyubov, but he would not waste his money at all. They all wait for something to happen and Lopakhin keeps on yelling at them to save their orchard but they don't move at his words.

The orchard and all their estate is auctioned and some amount is paid to them. It is expected that Lopakhin would marry Varya but he does not. He is a bit too interested in the money and business that he would care think about anything other than business. He leaves her alone. Lyubov leaves her daughters and the little money she has goes with it to her lover to Paris. Their house becomes broken and split.

The change was knocking at the door but all of the major characters remained deaf to the heralds of time. To quote Lopakhin "Time flies". Therefore, the time set for change was due in a short while but the characters remained unable to adapt to the new requirements of the time. Their certain deeds remain laughable and the undercurrents of irony may also be felt. But to be honest, there is deep pathos and irony in the play which leads the play as well as its characters to a tragic end though the author never intended it because he claims to have written a comedy at best. We, therefore; are forced to admit the tragic plight of the characters. This is, perhaps, due to certain flaws in the characters.