Themes and Important Topics in The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

Theme-Change and Importance of Time

The change was knocking at the door but all of the major characters remained deaf to the heralds of time. To quote Lopakhin "Time flies". Therefore, the time set for change was due in a short while but the characters remained unable to adapt to the new requirements of the time. Their certain deeds remain laughable and the undercurrents of irony may also be felt. But to be honest, there is deep pathos and irony in the play which leads the play as well as its characters to a tragic end though the author never intended it because he claims to have written a comedy at best. We, therefore; are forced to admit the tragic plight of the characters. This is, perhaps, due to certain flaws in the characters.

Theme-Tragic Fall of Characters:

The prime characters of the play remain unsuccessful in achieving what they could have done vey easily. The tragedy of Lyubov is that she is extravaggant and wants to seeks physical and emotional love of a young man leaving her daughters at the hands of this cruel world. She is probably a bit too much preoccupied with herself. Her daughter, on the other hand, remain unable to take control of the matters in theri own hands and cannot save their estate from auction. We find all the characters below human standards. Anya is stupid and foolish while Varya is a bit too rigid in her self woven beliefs that Lopakhin is least interested in her; infact, she herself does not try.

Theme-Importance of Love

Love has been played down upon by the author; he depicts a society wherein love has no place over practicality. There is an expectation that Varya is to be married to Lopakhin while Anya is in deep and emotional love of Trofimov, the intellectual. But the humor and irony lie in the fact that both of the male characters show no intelligence of practicality in understanding them and the prospects at all. Lopakhin remains busy in his professional responsibilities while Trofimov deems" love" a "petty illusion". He complains to Anya about Varya: "can't she understand that we're above all that? We must be free of the small, the pointless...". With the departure of Lopakhin,"it's all over" for Varya . Anya utters "GoodyBye! Old life". A change has been thrust upon the characters of the play. None of the relationships appear successful. Even the most intelligent philosophic Trofimov and the most practical Lopakhin leave their love. This is stupid but pathetic.