Best Quotes From Rape of the Lock, by Alexander Pope

Quote : "WHAT dire Offence from am'rous Causes springs,
What mighty Contests rise from trivial Things"

Quote : "Sol thro' white Curtains shot a tim'rous Ray,
And op'd those Eyes that must eclipse the Day"

Quote : "Fairest of Mortals, thou distinguish'd Care
Of thousand bright Inhabitants of Air!"

Quote : "Know then, unnumbered Spirits round thee fly,
The light Militia of the lower Sky"

Quote : "Think not, when Woman's transient Breath is fled,
That all her Vanities at once are dead:
Succeeding Vanities she still regards,
And tho' she plays no more, o'erlooks the Cards."

Quote : "For when the Fair in all their Pride expire,
To their first Elements the Souls retire"

Quote : "Know farther yet; Whoever fair and chaste
Rejects Mankind, is by some Sylph embrac'd"

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