Only the greatest and the Best Quotes From The Laws by Plato

Quote : "All men are always at war with one another."

Quote : "In reality every city is in a natural state of war with every other, not indeed proclaimed by heralds, but everlasting."

Quote : "All the good things of the conquered pass into the hands of the conquerors."

Quote : "All men are publicly one another's enemies, and each man privately his own."

Quote : "Citizens who are of the same race and live in the same cities may unjustly conspire, and having the superiority in numbers may overcome and enslave the few just; and when they prevail, the state may be truly called its own inferior and therefore bad; and when they are defeated, its own superior and therefore good."

Quote : "Peace with one another, and good will, are best."

Quote : "The object of laws, which is to make those who use them happy; and they confer every sort of good."

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