Only the Greatest and the Best Quotes from Sheikh Saadi

Quote : "Hast thou no income?then thy wants restrain."

Quote : "Royal treasury is to supply morsels to the poor, not feasts to the fraternity of devils."

Quote : "Suffis: are Muhammadan mystics, whose opinions, with regard to the soul, the Deity, and creation, very much resemble the esoteric doctrines of the Brahman s. They look upon the soul as an emanation from the Deity, to be re-asorbed into its source, and regard that absorption as attainable by contemplation."

Quote : "Lend to all who are poor, and demand a loan of all who are rich, and they will not come about thee again."

Quote : "Better to live in chains with those we love, Than freedom with strangers."

Quote : "A stone makes not great rivers turbid grow :
When saints are vexed their shallowness they shew."

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