Short Summary and analysis of "Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare

Borrowing its plot from the French love story, The Tragedy of Romeo And Julietť is retold by William Shakespeare in a fascinating manner with certain additional characters and underlying themes which are ultimately reconciled to the prime theme of love which governs our souls without any fear or hope of material gains. It’s a love story of romance and unimaginable sacrifice on the part of Romeo and Juliet, the lover and the beloved. The playwright wishes to prove:

For stony limits cannot hold love out, And what love can do, that dares love attempt.

They defy social norms besides destroying the walls of hatred built by the two families. The two tribes or families known as Capulet and Montague are enemies to each other for long ago. They miss no occasion to hurt each other. Capulet’s daughter Juliet is young and beautiful while Romeo, a Montague, is in deep love of former. The story begins in the city of Verona.

There is a party in the house of Capulet and Romeo plans to be in the party just to meet Juliet. He succeeds in entering the party where the cousin of Juliet recognizes Romeo. He informs his uncle, Juliet’s father of the fact but the uncles asks him not to say anything to Romeo. He simply does not want any disturbance in the party. Romeo slips away from the party and finds Juliet in a secluded place to express his love. Juliet does not give positive words apparently. Romeo moves away from her when someone comes. Juliet also goes to her room. Romeo also joins his cousins and friends to leave the house of Capulet. But once outside the house, Romeo cannot control his emotions and rushes back to the house of Capulet by climbing the wall.

By a stroke of luck, he overhears Juliet's talking to herself about Romeo. This encourages him and he gives vent to his feelings once more. This time Juliet accepts his love and asks his love was true. Romeo proposes her and they decide to marry. Romeo would arrange for the marriage at Friar Laurence. Juliet’s nurse plays the role of messenger between the two and they marry with the assistance of Friar Laurence, father of Romeo. Both of them are very happy over this secret marriage. They are full of romantic plans but the tragic hand of chance brings ill fate for them. Romeo, instigated by the murder of his cousin at the hands of Juliet’s cousin, kills her cousin. This leads to the banishment of Romeo from Verona.

The prince of Verona decrees that Romeo shall stay out of the city forever and he shall be killed if he tried to enter the city. Romeo, much distressed by the incident, goes to meet Juliet in her house. They spend the night together with full of love promises and better future. Though Romeo does not want to go: Thou cut'st my head off with a golden axe
And smilest upon the stroke that murders me But he ultimately leaves in the morning with plans to reconcile to the Capulet family in the coming future. Juliet's father, unaware of Juliet's marriage to Romeo, decides to marry her to county Paris. Juliet resists but to no avail. She goes to meet Friar Laurence who gives her a vial of medicine that would put Juliet to sleep for 24 hours and everybody else would think she is dead. Friar Laurence commits to take her out of the coffin and dispatch her to Romeo outside Verona. Juliet agrees valiantly.

The Friar sends a letter to Romeo informing him of the plan but the letter does not reach him. So Romeo remains in the dark regarding the scheme. He is informed by his friend that Juliet has died and is buried. Romeo rushes to a buy poison. He returns to Verona and encounters county Paris. Romeo wants to dig up the grave of Juliet but here county Paris does not want him to do so. Romeo kills county Paris during this conflict. Later, Romeo takes the poison and commits suicide. Soon we see Juliet well awake to find her lover dead. She kisses the lips of Romeo to drink poison and they both are dead instantly. The prince of Verona arrives and an inquiry is conducted into the matter.

The two families are decide to forget their old quarrels and statues of both Romeo and Juliet are built to memorize the pure love of the two highlighting that their extreme hatred could not hinder the power of love to take effect on the two lovers. They throw away enmity and become friends.

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