Top Ten Quotes From The Sea: by Edward Bond

"People are judged by what they have on their hands. They are important.", Edward Bond.

"It's a bad world. You have to be a bit mad to understand it." , Edward Bond.

"There's no place like home". , Edward Bond.

"Give yourself to the part and it will carry you through". , Edward Bond.

"Lo, I tamed the wild beasts, but I cannot tame the torments of my breast"., Edward Bond.

"Never show any interest in the passions of the young, it makes them grow up selfish". , Edward Bond.

"Never mind books now…we're struggling with life." , Edward Bond.

"You can say what you like as long as you can carry it off". , Edward Bond.

"The fewer we are, the easier we're overcome". , Edward Bond.

"Suffering is a universal language and everything that has a voice is human." , Edward Bond.