Only the Famous and Selected 'Poor'Best Quotes

Quote : "Any city, however small, is in fact divided into two, one the city of the poor, the other of the rich."

Quote : "The poor man's prayer can change misfortune's course."

Quote : The poor man's patience is better than gold.

Quote : "Lend to all who are poor, and demand a loan of all who are rich, and they will not come about thee again."

Quote : "When man makes up his load this realm to leave,
The beggar finds less cause than kings to grieve."

Quote : "Tis better to bear up under sorrow, than to be another's debtor."

Quote : "For it is better to die in indigence than to expose one's wants to another."

Quote : "It is easier to put off the stomach with a promise of food, than the butcher with a promise of payment."

Quote : "Whoe'er to beg of sordid persons stoops, His flesh may profit, but his spirit droops."

Quote : Give up thy frame to famine, want, and woe ;
But stretch not forth thy hand to baser men.

Quote : "With, the poor wanderer they will harshly deal, Who ne'er experienced what the friendless feel."

Quote : "The rich man is with thoughts of God impressed :
The needy is for such thoughts too distressed."

Quote : "Poverty borders on the denial of God."

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