Only the Famous and Selected 'Enemy'Best Quotes

Quote : "And you all know, security
Is mortals' chiefest enemy."

Quote : "Evil is a greater enemy to what is good than to what is not."

Quote : "All men are publicly one another's enemies, and each man privately his own."

Quote : "He who exalts his neck with pride Is girt with foes on every side."

Quote : "In my foe's death, what joy is there for me ?
For my life, too, cannot eternal be."

Quote : "It happens that in speech there is evil as well as good, and the eye of enemies notes only the evil."

Quote : "The most malignant of thy enemies is the lust which abides within thee."

Quote : "Every enemy on whom thou conferrest favours becomes a friend, save lust; whose hostility increases the more thou dost gratify it."

Quote : "Whosoever despises a small enemy is like him who is careless about a little fire."

Quote : "Let thy words between two foes be such that if they were to become friends thou wouldst not be ashamed."

Quote : "Whoever comes to an agreement with the enemies of his friends, does so with the intention of injuring the latter."

Quote : "To act in accordance with an enemy's advice is foolish, but it is permissible to hear it, in order to do the opposite, for that will be exactly the right course."

Quote : "Crush the serpent's head with the hand of an enemy...If the latter be successful, thou hast killed a snake; and if the former, thou hast freed thyself from an enemy."

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