Themes and Important Topics in "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe

"Things Fall Apart" important Themes and topics discussed from various angels and aspects in line with the opinions of famous critical appreciations:

Themes of Imperialism in "Things Fall Apart":

The Europeans' expeditions and enlargement of their empires led to colonization of the weaker and vaster nations. Once under the influence of the advanced Europeans, the natives of these backward lands began suffering in the clutches of imperialism which undoubtedly brought some economic growth and a religion which enchanted its occupied areas but it also treated the real owners of the land recklessly. Where conflict arose they smothered the whole villages as if they never existed. Similar is the case with Abame that was deserted for it killed one white man. The case of Umuofia and entire Africa is no different.

Themes of Weakness "Things Fall Apart":

"Might is right" is supposedly law of the jungle but what about the might of a nation which imposes it on another to assert its right? When the British, French and Japanese empires began advancing, they sought different reasons and excuses to reach the wealth of the lesser advanced nations. In "Heart of Darkness", a rather darker side of the European imperialistic forces, relates that "strength is just an accident arising from the weakness of others". The people of Umuofia deem themselves great only because they are agile and strong but the white men have the power of gun powder which is sufficien to destroy the whole African race.

Theme of Racism "Things Fall Apart"

The presentation of the racist element in "Things Fall Apart" is quite soft but it exists as strongly as depicted by Joseph Conrad in "Heart of Darkness" where the novelist seems right in his observation that besides other reason, there was racist element in maltreatment of the blacks. Chinua Achebe notices how everybody disliked them. They "hate them to the death". Probably, this is the racist element which added to the elements of greed and imperialism and brought an unbearable existence for the blacks.