Introduction: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

The novel is a soft manifestation of how imperial forces recklessly penetrated into the wilderness of native Africa. The foreign powers relied not only upon their military might but also upon the use of religion as well as in subduing and conquering the centuries old civilization of Africa. The role of education the masters imparted to the enslaved Africans remains doubtful for it served more to the trainers than to the students of the continent. The story is based in Umuofia, a town comprising of nine villages of ancient Africa. The tragic fall of Africa and the disintegration of its clans is replicated with the depiction of Okonkwo and his tragic downfall. The hero of the novel is presented as a brave warrior. His life is sheer tragedy from the beginning till the end.

Okonkwo, a "tall and huge" personality with "very severe look" was "well known throughout the nine villages". He rested on his "solid personal achievements". Okonkwo wishes to be known exactly opposite to the nature of his father, Unoka who was never happy when it came to wars. He was in fact a coward and could not bear the sight of blood". But Okonkwo has grown a craze of wars just to prove that he is not a coward like his father. His father was a failure so he would do his most to prove that he is not a failure. And indeed, he is one of the elders of the clan. He is widely respected and feared for his wealth, barns and bravery. He has three wives. Okonkwo has brought home five human heads so far and still he is not old. He wants to prove his bravery in war.