Detailed Summary of The Sea by Edward Bond Part VII

It is a cliff top. Mafanwy and Jilly are there with piano while there is a dirty sheet spread on the ground. Mrs. Rafi and others are seen coming to the cliff top to perform ritual of the dead. Mrs. Rafi tells that the burial services have already been performed and they have gathered to pray for Colin. They say hymns to God Almighty. Just then, Hatch comes there and declares the coming of devils from another world. Nobody listens to him. All of them beat him. Hollarcut, being with Hatch, also gets punished. Later Mrs. Rafi asks Thompson and Carter to take Hatch to the town lockup.

Hatch is still thinking that he wanted well for the town people. He wanted to save them. After him somebody else will take his place and nobody will mind it. In this way all will be lost. Mrs. Tilehouse fears something ill is about to happen. Mrs. Rafi asks Hollarcut to mend his ways and she would not report the matter to magistrate if he does digging in her garden for two months. He agrees. She, then, sends him to see Rose because she has not been with them.

Everybody is gone except Mrs. Rafi and Willy. Mrs. Rafi says that she is getting old and people always expect her to behave the way upper class should i.e. rebuking, scolding, directing their course. She says that she is "so tired of them". She considers that people have fitted her into a sort of character whose job is to shout at people. She fears that she will grow old but still these people would expect her to shout at them. Rose comes there. Mrs. Rafi advises her to "go away" from that town. She asks her to go with Willy.

Mrs. Rafi goes back to town to manage the tea ceremony. She knows that there would be chaos if she doesn't go. Rose talks to Willy and says it could be that instead of Colin he had been drowned. And in that case she would have married Colin. Willy comes near her and kisses her in silence. Willy asks her to be brave unlike her aunt who is merely shouting at people without any courage. He moves to the sea for some swim and she goes along to hold his clothes.