Detailed Summary of The Sea by Edward Bond Scene VI

It is beach. A body is lying on the beach half drowned. There is Rose standing at the beach. She shouts and from that direction Mr. Willy appears. Rose seems in a deep gloom and expresses that she has been unfortunate throughout her life: "They look at me as if I'm a dangerous animal they have to pat...". Then she asks Willy of what Colin said to him before he died. Willy tells her that he wanted to reach her sooner to prove something. Then he tells her that Colin was afraid whether she loved him or not. He was sure of everything except her love. He was afraid of losing you though you were going to marry him.

Rose tells him that they "were always happy". They were together since childhood. He was like a fire that never dies. She just cannot forget him. Without Colin her "life is meaningless and empty". She claims that Colin was the only person that could understand her. Willy tries to appease her. He says that "love can be a terrible disaster". She says that she cannot live without Colin. Willy reminds her that "If you look at life closely, it is unbearable". He advises her to find her strength to live.

Then they move to the body and Rose inquires why Colin's jumper is on his head. Willy tells her that he was trying to take it off when he drowned. Later, he asks Rose to go and bring Evens while he watches the body. He observes, Hatch coming towards the body. Willy moves away from the body. Finding the body alone, Hatch thinks that it is Mr. Willy sleeping at the sea and attacks it with knifes to kill Willy, the alien beast. But all this produces nothing but water from Colin's body. He decides to hide to see if the aliens come and bury him because he is not sure if the alien really died because there was no blood.

Willy joins Evens and Rose when they come. He tells them what Hatch did to the body of Colin thinking it to be Willy. Evens covers the body in an old blanket and they send Rose to bring a cart from the town while they would stay with the body.