Detailed Summary of The Sea by Edward Bond Scene III & IV<

Scene III:

It is beach. We see Willy knocking on the door of Evens hut. Evens tries to send him away but he won't. Quite distant from Willy and Evens, Hatch comes to the beach with Hollarcut to find the dead body of Colin. He instructs him to find and bury the body as soon as he finds it. Hatch seems obsessed with the coming of the aliens. Later, Hollarcut joins Willy and Evens. They talk about the sea and other things. Evens appears to be a man born for drinking while he believes he drinks "to keep sane". Willy says if Evens were not drunk during the tempest, Colin might have been saved by him.

Scene IV:

It is the house of Mrs. Rafi. There are Mrs. Rafi, Mrs. Tilehouse, Mafanwy, Jilly, Vicar and others. They are rehearsing a play to raise funds for the coast guards. Rose, looking pale and down, enters. Mrs. Rafi asks her to go back to her room but she does not. From the conversations we understand that Mrs. Rafi is quite authoritative and has control over the rest. She likes to sing the song "there's no place like home" though it is not in the script but she would because she likes it and it is popular too. She is directing the characters for the performance of the play and rebukes Mafanwy who finds it difficult to pretend swimming when he is actually walking. She tells him of his character as dog that swims across the river before hell while a couple of ladies would accompany him in fish costume. Upon this, he is satisfied.

While they are rehearsing the play, Mr. Willy arrives and Mrs. Rafi invites him in though they continue performing the play. During the rehearsal, they hear the noise of guns and Mrs. Rafi removes the curtains because they cannot perform in the sound of gunfire. Rose comes to Mr. Willy asking him why he is so pale. He explains his association with Colin. He also tells that there was gunfire when their board turned. He further tells her that "there were people one the beach when the boat turned over". He tells her one of them was Hatch, the draper. Vicar expresses his sorrow at the sad demise of Colin.