Top 10 Quotations From Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

"It falls on me then. I will search and clear
This darkness." , Sophocles.

"And no man's life account as gain
Ere the full tale be finished and the darkness find him without pain." , Sophocles.

"A fearful thing is knowledge, when to know Helpeth no end" , Sophocles.

"Thou seek'st this man of blood:
Thyself art he" , Sophocles.

"The man who thinks that bitter pride alone
Can guide him, without thought?his mind is sick." , Sophocles.

"O King; in thought the swift win not the prize." , Sophocles.

"Reject not one who never failed his troth
Of old and now is strong in his great oath." , Sophocles.

"Tis Pride that breeds the tyrant;" , Sophocles.

"Tis the wise man's way
To judge the morrow by the yester day". , Sophocles.

"Fair season maketh all things fair" , Sophocles.