Top 10 Quotations From Mourning Becomes Electra by O' Neil

"I suppose that's the usual way of it. A daughter feels closer to her father and a son to his mother. But I should think you ought to be a born exception to that rule.", O' Neil.

"Women are jealous of ships. They always suspect the sea. They know they're three of a kind when it comes to a man!", O' Neil.

" Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt! Is that your notion of love?", O' Neil.

"Angina is no respecter of time and place. It strikes when it has a mind to.", O' Neil.

"Death is an Island of Peace", O' Neil.

"But God won't leave us alone. He twists and wrings and tortures our lives with others' lives until--we poison each other to death! " , O' Neil.

"I hate moonlight. It makes everything so haunted." , O' Neil.

"Let them batter each other's brains out with rifle butts and rip each other's guts with bayonets! After that, maybe they'd stop waving handkerchiefs and gabbing about heroes! " , O' Neil.

"I was selfish then. I was jealous, too, I'll confess. But all I want now is your happiness, dear. I know how much you used to like Hazel--" , O' Neil.

"Our folks at home take death so solemnly! You would have soon learned at the front that it's only a joke!" , O' Neil.