Top 10 Quotations From Laws by Plato

"All men are always at war with one another." , Plato.

"Nine soldiers out of ten are born fools" , Plato.

"All men are publicly one another's enemies, and each man privately his own." , Plato.

"Peace with one another, and good will, are best." , Plato.

"The object of laws, which is to make those who use them happy; and they confer every sort of good." , Plato.

"Education makes good men, and that good men act nobly, and conquer their enemies in battle." , Plato.

"Education certainly gives victory, although victory sometimes produces forgetfulness of education." , Plato.

"They are good men who are able to rule themselves, and bad men who are not." , Plato.

"And when we want to make any one fearless, we and the law bring him face to face with many fears." , Plato.

"Truth, Stranger, is a noble thing and a lasting, but a thing of which men are hard to be persuaded." , Plato.