Top 10 Quotations From Gulistan by Sheikh Saadi

"It is impossible to lay hands on that which is not predestined for us, and that which is predestined will reach us wherever we are." , Sheikh Saadi.

"A student without the inclination to learn is a lover without money; and a pilgrim without spirituality is a bird without wings." , Sheikh Saadi.

"A sinner who lifts up his hand [in prayer] is better than a devotee who lifts up his head." , Sheikh Saadi.

"A learned man without practice is a bee without honey." , Sheikh Saadi.

"Whoever interrupts the conversation of others to display the extent of his wisdom, will assuredly discover the depth of his folly." , Sheikh Saadi.

"A grateful dog is better than an ungrateful man." , Sheikh Saadi.

"He may advise kings safely who has neither fear for his head nor cupidity." , Sheikh Saadi.

Two persons die remorseful; he who possessed and enjoyed not, and he who knew but did not practise. , Sheikh Saadi.

"Affairs succeed by patience; and he that is hasty falleth headlong." , Sheikh Saadi.

"To consult with women is ruin." , Sheikh Saadi.