Top Ten Famous Quotes From Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

"A fearful thing is knowledge, when to know Helpeth no end", Sophocles.

"The man who thinks that bitter pride alone
Can guide him, without thought?his mind is sick." , Sophocles.

"O King; in thought the swift win not the prize.", Sophocles.

"Reject not one who never failed his troth
Of old and now is strong in his great oath.", Sophocles.

"Tis Pride that breeds the tyrant;", Sophocles.

"Tis the wise man's way
To judge the morrow by the yester day". , Sophocles.

"Prophets deem
A deed wrought that is wrought but in a dream." , Sophocles.

"Fair season maketh all things fair", Sophocles.

"And no man's life account as gain
Ere the full tale be finished and the darkness find him without pain.", Sophocles.

"The two who gave thee birth, they held me wise"., Sophocles.