List of Characters in Oedipus rex by Sophocles

Below is the list of important characters in the play "Oedipus rex" by Sophocles.

    Oedipus, supposed son of Polybus, King of Corinth; now elected King of Thebes.

    Jocasta, Queen of Thebes; widow of Laius, the late King, and now wife to Oedipus.

    Creon, a Prince of Thebes, brother to Jocasta.

    Tiresias, an old blind seer.

    Priest of Zeus.

    A Stranger from Corinth.

    A Shepherd of King Laius.

    A Messenger from the Palace.

    Chorus of the Elders of Thebes.

    A Crowd of Suppliants, men, women, and children.