Important Lines and Text From Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

Quote : "O Lord and Chief, We come to thee again; we lay our grief
On thy head, if thou find us not some aid."

Quote : "O chief Of men, and lift thy city from its grief;
Face thine own peril! All our land doth hold
Thee still our saviour, for that help of old"

Quote : "Shall they that tell of thee hereafter tell
By him was Thebes raised up, and after fell!"

Quote : "Speak forth to all! The grief that these men bear
Is more than any fear for mine own death."

Quote : "It falls on me then. I will search and clear
This darkness."

Quote : "And with you for the right I also stand,
To obey the God and succour this dear land."

Quote : "his crown is on my brow,
His wife lies in my arms, and common fate,"

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