Introduction: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

"Heart of Darkness" is a tale of misery, pain, disease, death and horror of human existence in the wilderness of Africa. Marlow, a seaman, was out of job for a certain period. He got appointed as a sea captain for British Imperialistic forces in Africa partly because of his enchantment for the big uncoiled snake like river of Congo and partly for getting a job. An aunt of him used her influence in getting him the appointment. Marlow reached Africa soon after his appointment.

He tells us of the ship captain that was killed in Africa. It originated from a petty issue, the price of two black hens. The captain felt grieved over being overcharged for the price of the hens, he punished the head of the village with his stick. The son of the villager could not bear that and killed the captain. After this, Marlow tells in detail of how he reached the company office and what happened later.


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