Themes and Important Topics in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Theme of Love in Hamlet

: Hamlet, the prince of Denmark is in deeply in love with Ophelia but all his idols of love are shattered with the single act of his mother's remarriage as well as Ophelia's playing in the hands of her father,Polonius. The play is also about the love of a son for his father as well as his mother but the chracter of Hamlet is in deep pain because he is caught between the devil and the deep sea without any hope.

Theme of Revenge in the tragedy of Hamlet

: Revenge, an age old basic instinct of man which has destroyed several families and nations in the world. Hamlet, though more of a philosopher than a soldier, is set upon the task of taking revenge from his uncle but it is difficult for him to make a decision. The revenge of Hamlet does settle the score with his uncle but it also eliminates the entire royal race.

Theme of Deception in Hamlet

: The play focuses on the act of deception and frailty of women. Hamlet finds his mother marrying his own uncle and he is forced to cry out:

"Frailty, thy name is woman!-
A little month, or ere those shoes were old
With which she followed..."

Later, Ophelia plays in the hands of her father and causes pain for Hamlet that he even refuses to recognize her.

Theme of Delay in Thinking & Action in Hamlet

: The protagonist's downfall is the very thinking faculty of which a man is proud of but for Hamlet "to be or not to be" becomes the tragic flaw. He is not instant in his actions. He is deep and philosophic. This lingers on and exposes the real intentions of Hamlet to his enemies and they hurt him before he could know