Act V Scene-II Detailed Summary of Hamlet, a play by William Shakespeare

Elsinore. A hall in the Castle. Enter Hamlet and Horatio. They are discussing about how useful the play has been to provoke the king to reveal his guilt for the wrongful deed of killing the previous king of Denmark. They are interrupted by Osrich, a young courtier. He informs Hamlet that the king wants Hamlet to reconcile Hamlet to Laertes; however, it is the sole discretion of Hamlet if he chooses to do so. Hamlet agrees. Then another another lord comes to Hamlet to confirm if Hamlet is ready for playful fight instantly. To this Hamlet gives his consent. All enter. Hamlet holds Laertes' hands and says:

"Give me your pardon, sir. I have done you wrong;
But pardon't, as you are a gentleman."

Hamlet also says that whatever he has done is under his madness which has equally wronged and damaged Hamlet himself. Laertes says that he has no more revenge on Hamlet. Both are given weapons for the fight then. Since the king has plotted to poison Hamlet through the poison dipped weapons and the drinks prepared for him, hence he is keenly awaiting the death of Hamlet. But unfortunately the queen drinks the liquor made for Hamlet. The poisoned weapon injures Laertes and he falls on the ground uttering:

"The treacherous instrument is in thy hand,
Unbated and envenom'd. The foul practice
Hath turn'd itself on me. Lo, here I lie,
Never to rise again. Thy mother's poison'd.
I can no more. The King, the King's to blame. Ham."

Hamlet kills the king and drinks the poisonous liquor. He dies shortly and enter Fortinbras with English ambassador. They tell that they have killed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern upon Hamlet's instructions. Here Horatio corrects them that Hamlet never ordered their murder. Then Horatio asks them to put the bodies on a stage so that it could be told to all what led to the mess.