Act IV, Scene-VI & VII Detailed Summary of Hamlet: "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare

Elsinore. Another room in the Castle Some seamen arrive with a Letter for Horatio. This turns out a secret letter from Hamlet asking Horatio to let the men have way to the king for delivery of letters while he asks Horatio to come to Hamlet.

Elsinore. Another room in the Castle. Enter King and Laertes. Here the king tells Laertes the situations caused by Hamlet. Laertes asks the king why he could not punish Hamlet. The king replies that vehement public support and the love of queen for Hamlet saved Hamlet. Here the king promises good news to Laertes. Horatio comes with the messengers and letters; one for the king and the other for the queen. The letter says that Hamlet is returning alone. The king and Laertes decide to kill Hamlet and make it appear like an accident. Laertes reveals that he will poison his sword to wound Hamlet:

"I bought an unction of a mountebank,
So mortal that, but dip a knife in it,
Where it draws blood no cataplasm so rare"

The very moment queen enters with news that Ophelia has drowned in water.

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